• - Introduction -

    Who we are

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    As a subsidiary of Haiyin Capital, Innovation Map was established in 2016. Based on the US technology investment practices of Haiyin Capital and its founding partner Yuquan Wang, Innovation Map integrates Yuquan’s influence in the investment industry, explores the world's most cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation practices, and provides clients with diversified and targeted knowledge and information products, as well as industrial coordination services.


    Products of Innovation Map include podcast programs, books, innovative education and training, technology talk shows, overseas venture delegations, science and technology investment funds.


    After two years rapid development, Innovation Map has impacted over 100,000 entrepreneurs, investors and researchers both at home and abroad through their products and services.

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    Yuquan Wang 王煜全

    Yuquan Wang, founding partner of Haiyin Capital, is an investor and key opinion leader on global technology trends. His podcast 260 Lectures on Global Innovation has more than 100 thousand paying users in Chinese speaking world. Through the podcast program, Yuquan has impacted and influenced many Chinese entrepreneurs, investors and industrialists.

    Prior to founding Haiyin Capital, Yuquan founded Consultech in 1995, which was subsequently acquired by Omnicom Group. In 1998, Yuquan founded the Chinese subsidiary of global consulting company Frost & Sullivan, and is currently serving as Chief Consultant of Frost & Sullivan China.

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    Haiyin Capital was founded by Yuquan Wang in 2008.

    In the past decade, the firm has gradually formed the investment focus around innovation and technology, smart hardware, and the integration of traditional industries and the Internet age.

    In recent years, special attention has been given to global investment in innovative high-tech industries, focusing on artificial intelligence, computer science & robotics, electronics, aerospace, fintech, medical & health industries and new energy.

  • -Key Products and Services of Innovation Map-

    What we do

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    Subscription podcast - 260 Lectures on Global Innovation

    Daily podcast program. A 10-minute mini lecture-a-day hosted Yuquan Wang, delivering his personal insights and comments on the development of cutting-edge technologies, helping users to open up a global perspective and build up awareness on the world’s fundamental frontiers in fields of science and technology.

    Technology Camp

    Week-long training camp on global technology trends. The camp applies innovative techniques, aiming to empower entrepreneurs and investors to create disruptive business models through technology innovation.

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    Venture Delegations for Overseas Investments

    Delegations of Chinese investors visiting world class expos, universities, incubators and innovative startups, looking for opportunities of investment co-operation


    Past Delegations include:

    • January 2017:Silicon Valley Innovation Delegation 
    • July 2017: RoboCup Japan
    • October 2017: US East Coast Venture Delegation 
    • January 2018: CES Impact Delegation
    • May 2018: US South East Venture Delegation
    • October 2018: US South West Venture Delegation
    • January 2019: CES Impact Delegation
    • March 2019: SXSW Impact Delegation
    • June 2019: BIO International Convention
    • August 2019: Future Camp for Kids
    • January 2020: CES Impact Delegation 
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    Annual Conference - Mapping Global Innovation

    An Conference hosted by Yuquan Wang on global technology trends. The first conference was held on April 22, 2017 in Beijing with over 1000 attendees.

    The Conference was held on April 2018 in Shenzhen and 2019 in Beijing with 2000 attendees and 1 million viewers through online live stream and TV broadcasts.

    This conference is considered to be the annual fiesta of Innovation Map clients.

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    Technology investment funds

    At the end of 2017, Innovation Map and Haiyin Capital initiated two Outpost Technology Investment Funds for innovative technology projects in China and in the US to support breakout teams and technologies.

  • - Opportunities -

    Innovation Map bridges and connects US and Chinese companies on capital, R&D, manufacturing and market penetration. In the months to come, along with continuing Chinese investment delegations to the US, we will also bring US-based technology startup delegations to China to look for venture capital as well as manufacturing partners to make their disruptive technology innovations come to fruition.